Get Involved

The City of Apple Valley and other organizations offer a number of volunteer opportunities for residents who would like to contribute to improving the quality of Apple Valley's and Dakota County's natural resources beyond what they can do in their own yard.

  • Check out a stenciling kit. Stenciling is one way to let your neighbors know that items dumped down the stormwater drain wind up in the local pond. To check out a kit, call (952) 953-2400.
  • Monitor wetlands. You can volunteer to evaluate the health of Apple Valley and Dakota County wetlands through the WHEP program. Kids with adult supervision are welcome.
  • Monitor streams. Opportunities are available to monitor the health of the Vermillion River and some of its tributaries through the Vermillion River Joint Powers Organization.
  • Collect water samples. The City of Apple Valley arranges for volunteers to collect water quality samples from five local lakes through the Met Council CAMP program. Spots are limited. If you would like to learn more, call (952) 953-2400.
  • Pull weeds and clean up parks and natural areas. To help clean up an Apple Valley park or natural area, call (952) 953-2400. The Vermillion River Stewards program offers opportunities to clean up natural areas in the Vermillion River watershed.

Do You Have an Idea for a Project?

Not all opportunities available to Apple Valley residents for volunteering are listed above. If you have a volunteer project in mind for your group, the City of Apple Valley may be able to direct you to an organization that can help make that project happen. Call (952) 953-2462 if you are looking for more information on other volunteer opportunities.

Need a Speaker for Your Group?

Good stewardship begins with getting the word out. Apple Valley staff can provide speakers for various natural resources topics including tree planting, tree diseases, raingardens, native gardens, and erosion control. Audiences for past presentations have included K-12 students, neighborhood groups, and clubs of various sizes. Call (952) 953-2400 if you are interested in having Natural Resources staff talk to your group.