Public and Government Access Programming

Government Access Programming - Channels 180 and 188 

Residents who subscribe to cable television service can watch city council meetings live or as taped cablecasts on the government access channels. The individual cities and the joint commission produce a variety of programming, including:

  • City Meeting Coverage - Government Access Channels 180 and 188 televise all of the Apple Valley, Farmington, and Rosemount City Council and Planning Commission meetings live. Meeting coverage is also replayed various days and times to provide more opportunities for citizens to be better informed about their local government by being able to watch it at their convenience.
  • Message Board - Channels 180 and 188 also generate an electronic bulletin board which provides notices of events, meeting times, and other important information.

 Public Access Message Board  - Channel 187

Southern Dakota County (SDC) Public Access Channel 187 provides a cable bulletin board service for displaying community announcements. There is no capability or facility available for producing or playing video programming.

SDC 187 is operated and administered by the Apple Valley, Farmington, and Rosemount Cable Commission (AFRCC). Access to SDC 187 is reserved for, and priority is given to, persons who reside, work, or attend school in the cities of Apple Valley, Farmington, and Rosemount.

Channel 187 Access Policies

Channel 187 Announcement Formatting Tips

Channel 187 User Information