2020 Street & Utility Improvements - Cimarron (2020-101)

Project Description

The City of Apple Valley 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program includes utility replacement and street reconstruction work on the following Palomino Hills neighborhoods (Cimarron & Surrey).

The proposed street improvements consist of full street reconstruction and include upgrading the street from a paved rural section to a paved urban section (26’ face to face) with concrete curb and gutter. The proposed utility improvements consist of full replacement of the existing sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer. Storm sewer is proposed to be extended through the neighborhood to facilitate drainage along the proposed concrete curb and gutter.  

Proposed street and utility improvements during the 2020 construction season would include Cimarron Road between Palomino Drive and approximately 580’ east of Butte Avenue, Cimarron Circle, Yancey Court, Shasta Court, Beaumont Court, and Sabra Court (totaling approximately 4,800 feet of roadway).

Sidewalks are NOT being proposed as part of the improvement project.

Butte Avenue, which is typically closed from November until April, will remain closed during the duration of construction as part of this project. Staff is currently reviewing the impacts of permanent closure of Butte Avenue which connects Cimarron Road to Hidden Meadow Road. Approx. 150’ of Butte Avenue will be impacted with this project due to a deep sanitary sewer connection at the intersection of Butte Avenue and Cimarron Road.  The total project length is approximately 10,000 feet.

Contact the Apple Valley Engineering Department at 952-953-2426 or email Jodie.Scheidt@applevalleymn.gov for more information.

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