ADA Transition Plan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted on July 26, 1990, is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against individuals on the basis of disability. Title II of ADA pertains to the programs, activities, and services public entities provide. As a provider of public transportation services and programs, the City of Apple Valley must comply with this section of the Act as it specifically applies to public service agencies.

As is required by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), City staff and the project consultant from Stonebrooke Engineering have completed the attached ADA Transition Plan for the public right-of-way within the City. The Transition Plan has been created to specifically cover accessibility within the public rights of way and does not include information on City programs, practices, or building facilities not related to public rights of way. An ADA Transition Plan is also required as a condition for any future federal grant funds that the City may receive. 

One of the requirements of the plan was to perform a self-evaluation of the City’s current transportation infrastructure policies, practices, and programs. The goal of the self-evaluation was to verify that, in implementing the policies and practices, the City is providing accessibility and not adversely affecting the full participation of individuals with disabilities. 

A large part of the self-evaluation process was to examine the condition and accessibility of the traffic signal system elements and curb ramps that are located within the City’s public right-of-way. The signal elements and curb ramps were examined on specific ADA design criteria and given a condition rating of Tier 1 (good), Tier 2 (fair) or Tier 3 (poor). Overall, for the City’s 1,896 signal elements and curb ramps: 37% were rated good, 52% were rated fair, and 10% were rated poor.

Going forward, City staff will use the ADA plan to help identify future project areas to include in the City’s CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) process. A goal included in the ADA plan is to have 80% of the pedestrian features within the public right-of-way to be ADA compliant within 20-years.

ADA Coordinator for Public Right of Ways

Matt Saam, P.E. - Public Works Director
7100 147th Street West
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Phone: 952-953-2400
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Final Plan as adopted by City Council on December 13, 2018

Transition Plan