What are some of the most common code violations?
SIGNS - real estate, garage sale, and contractor signs placed on city right-of ways. (City staff collect hundreds of signs each year).

GARAGE SALES - garage sales are limited to three (3) consecutive days and not to exceed three (3) events per calendar year, per residence.

PARKING - motor vehicles parked on the street from 3 am to 6 am when space is available in the driveway and parking on grass, aggregate, etc.

VEHICLES FOR SALE - Vehicles "For Sale", or lease, cannot be parked in commercial or industrial districts or on public streets. Storage of vehicles or inoperable vehicles is also prohibited in these locations.

GARBAGE CANS - containers not stored inside a building or screened area.

ABANDONED or JUNK VEHICLES - inoperable automobiles on private property for 90 days or more and have expired license tabs.

PUBLIC NUISANCES - examples include accumulation of debris/junk/pet feces and obstruction of public sidewalks and/or streets by tree limbs, bushes, building materials, vehicles, etc.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE - buildings, structures and accessory structures not maintained in good repair.

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