How do I obtain a building permit?

All building permit applications must be submitted electronically via our Permit site. The type of work you are doing will determine the required submittal documents. If plan review is required you will be notified that plans are required. Check your spam/junk email if you do not see the email in your inbox. Please use our step by step instructions and allow 8-10 business days for review of your residential building plans. If your submitted documents require corrections, it may take longer. When the review is complete, you will be contacted by email with the remaining fee total. Permits must be approved and paid in full before any work can begin.

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1. How do I obtain a building permit?
2. When am I required to obtain a building permit?
3. What are the required inspections?
4. Who must be licensed?
5. If I have questions about building permits and inspections, who can I contact?