Is there a background check before hire?
Criminal History

All offers of employment are contingent upon the successfully passing a background investigation, including a criminal history check.

For sworn police officer and firefighter positions, felony convictions (and certain other convictions mandated by the state licensing board for police) will automatically disqualify you from further consideration.

For non-police/fire positions, the city will look at the type of conviction and whether it is related to the job for which you are applying. The city will also consider factors such as time elapsed since the conviction and seriousness of the offense.

Candidates for positions working with children or vulnerable adults will not be selected if they have been convicted of any crime listed in the Child Protection Worker Act (Minnesota Statutes 299C.61 & 62). Generally, this includes child abuse crimes, murder, manslaughter, felony level assault or any assault crime committed against a minor, kidnapping, arson, criminal sexual conduct, and prostitution-related crimes.

Before any applicant (other than applicants for positions within the police or fire department) is rejected on the basis of criminal conviction, he or she will be notified in writing and will be given any rights afforded by Minnesota Statutes Chapter 364. This includes the right to show evidence of rehabilitation.

Additional Requirements

Depending on the position, offers of employment may also be contingent on successfully passing any combination of the following:

  • Verification of employment history, education, licenses, and references

  • Driving record check

  • Physical examination

  • Drug test

  • Psychological evaluation

  • Credit check

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