Does the city allow recreational fires?

Recreational fires are allowed in the city when the following provisions are followed:

  • The fire is contained to a three-by-three-by-three-foot area; this can be in-ground, on-ground, or in a free-standing pre-manufactured fireplace.
  • Fire-extinguishing equipment (extinguisher, garden hose, or sand) must be readily available.
  • Only clean burning wood can be used.
  • The fire must be at least 25 feet from a combustible structure.
  • Adult supervision is required from start to finish while having a recreational fire.
  • All fires are subject to discontinuance by the Fire or Police Department.
  • Recreational fires are not intended for disposing of yard debris.

Note: State-issued burning bans do not impact this policy. However, please be mindful that high winds and/or dry conditions require extra attention and safety for even the smallest fire. If in doubt, put it out! Questions about recreational fires can be answered at (952) 953-2600 during regular business hours.

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